Sacramento Republic FC’s Rodrigo Lopez Gets Hurt In 82nd Minute In 3-0 Win Versus Portland Timbers 2

April 19, 2015 12:01 AM PT

Sacramento Republic FC’s Rodrigo Lopez has been on fire as of late. He scored both goals in the previous game against the Vancouver White Caps FC 2. Including a goal that was shot from behind midfield. The video of the goal went viral world wide.


 Photos by Shawn Jonas

Lopez scored again in the 13th minute versus the Portland Timbers 2. He put Republic FC ahead 1-0. Lopez took the ball from midfield to just outside the box before his low strike deflected off a sliding Harrison Delbridge and into the upper right corner of the goal.



Photos By Shawn Jonas

He then collected an assist while lofting a free kick to Defender Mickey Daly  who headed it past Jake Gleeson for the 2-0 lead in the 37th minute.

The savvy veteran Lopez has been making a very tough game look easy as of late.

Sacramento went into half-time with a 2-0 lead.


Photo by Shawn Jonas

The real drama came in the 81st/82nd minute.  Rookie midfielder Zev Taublieb scored his first professional goal when he sent a rebound past Gleeson, giving Republic FC a 3-0 lead.

Before the goal Lopez collided with a Timbers 2 player on the west sideline around midfield. The ball had went elsewhere and Sacramento controlled. Lopez got up and limped over to the Timbers bench and laid on the pitch for a little while. He tried stretching and loosening his left leg.

Play had continued without him.  Braun had broke free about midfield and then a Timbers 2 defender broke up the play and sent it back to Republic FC’s side of the field.

Lopez was still on the ground and was slowly trying to get up and test the leg. He was in pain and trying to see how much weight he could put on the leg.

In the meanwhile Sacramento regained control and started moving the ball to midfield. Lopez seeing the action worked his way back into the field of play, but he had a noticeable limp. He received a pass and drove the ball towards the goal, not at full speed, he passed the ball to an open Republic FC player who took shot on goal and then Taublieb scored on the rebound.

After the goal Sacramento subsituted Gabe Gonzalez for Lopez.  Lopez never returned.  Republic FC was up 3-0 and there was only minutes remaining. No reason for him to come back in.

The trainer worked on Lopez trying to stretch out his hamstring or hip. After the trainer worked on him, Lopez got up and seemed to struggle when he put weight on the left leg.

I tried to get clarification post-game about the injury, but was told the ice was believed to be precautionary.

The injury seemed to be more than that.  Due to the score and the time of the game it was convenient timing.

Possibly, it’s nothing that won’t heal over the next 6 days. Right now, it’s pure speculation. What the injury is? I don’t know, but with Hamstrings, Quads, and Hip Flexors many times it take a few weeks of complete rest for those injuries to heal.

Post game Lopez had a big bag of ice on his upper thigh and hip area. He did greet numerous players and signed many autographs for fans,   all while slightly limping with the ice on.

If its really a problem we should hear something about missed practices as it gets closer to Sacramento’s next game.

The good news for Sacramento and Lopez, they don’t play again until Friday the 24th against the Orange County Blues FC .

UPDATE:  Rodrigo Lopez posted on a message on his Facebook. 

All is well. Contusion!

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