Oakland Raiders Announce Practice Squad Signings

ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA – The Oakland Raiders have signed the following eight players to their practice squad, the club announced Sunday. All eight players were with the team during training camp this year.

Brent, K.J.   Wide Receiver  6′-3″  Rookie  Wake Forest
Durden, Kenneth  Cornerback  6′-1″   Rookie Youngstown State
Jackson, Branden  Defensive Lineman  6′-4″  Rookie Texas Tech
Kirkland, Denver   Guard  6′-4″  Rookie  Arkansas
Mickens, Jaydon   Wide Receiver  5′-10″  Rookie   Washington
O’Malley, Ryan   Tight End   6′-6″  Rookie  Pennsylvania
Omoile, Oni    Guard   6′-2″    Rookie   Iowa State
Toomer, Korey   Linebacker  6′-2″   Idaho

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