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Oakland Raiders Second Year Cornerback T J Carrie Excited For Training Camp

Photo by Shawn Jonas 

T J Carrie the Oakland Raiders second-year cornerback addressed the media on Thursday at the team’s Napa Valley Training Complex.

Carrie and other Raiders’ veterans arrived at the team’s Napa Valley Training Complex Thursday morning. Carrie is excited to get back to work.

“I’m excited, man. A lot of energy has been boiling up. A lot of hard work has been prepared and put in to come down to this moment and start Day 1 of training camp. So we’ll get it kicked off today with the conditioning test and go from there.”


“A lot of working on technique and focusing on learning different aspects of the defense. We’ve got a new system going in and things like that. So just getting acclimated to what we’ve got to perform on the field and definitely working on my craft.”

Talks Team

“A lot has been asked from all of us as individuals to perform at a high level coming into season two. The coaches have put a lot of trust into us as far as the prior draft classes and things, so the expectation is high for each and every one of us. I’m glad we’ve been able to put in some work as a team and as a unit in OTAs and mini-camp. Today we’ll be able to hash out some more things and be able to become more one as a team.”


“When you are looked at as a starter, the mistakes and errors have to be limited to pretty much none. So last year as a rookie, they’re willing to give you those mistakes and opportunities to fail because you’re learning, you’re getting acclimated to the NFL and to the season and the different aspects of what you have to do. But coming into the next year and you’re projected to be a starter, they expect more of a higher level from you as an athlete. The pressure is definitely building higher. That’s something that we live to play this game for, is to be in the pressure. All pressure is good pressure.”

Carrie’s Thoughts Of Amari Cooper

“Amari has been able to do tremendous things on that field. He’s coming in and he has a business mind-like, a professional mind-like at a young stage, which is very good, because the pressure they’re going to continue to put on him and the rest of the receiving corps is going to be vital. “I think he’s made everyone on that defense better as far as him and, like I said, the other receivers. Bringing in more receivers and their expectation of being great challenges us to – iron sharpening iron as far as us being able to go at each other and battle each other every day, day in and day out, and sharpen each other’s skills.”