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Oakland Raiders Injury Update

The Oakland Raiders were needing some good news following what appeared to be serious injuries to a number of key players.

Following Sunday Raiders didn’t explain injuries in detail.

Nate Allen (Knee), Charles Woodson (Shoulder), Derek Carr (Hand), Justin Ellis (Ankle)

Derek Carr

Carr was knocked out of the game in the second quarter of Sunday’s game against the Bengals it was later confirmed as a hand injury by the Raiders.

Mixed reports confused the situation through out the day.

Around 9:30 AM PDT ESPN’s Chris Mortenson reported that Raiders didn’t expect Carr to play and that he would be out in week 2.  SiriusXM NFL Radio aired that news around 10:30 on it NFl Update

Mortensen would  tweet out that Christian Ponder had been contacted by Raiders. Then a few hours later Mortensen tweeted that Raiders had informed Ponder that he would not be signed due to encouraging MRI reports.

NFL’s Ian Rapoprt later confirmed the injury (Bruised Thumb), and said swelling would determine if Carr would play or not.



Jack Del Rio 

Del Rio Spoke to the media around 3:00 PM PDT

“We think he’s going to be OK,” Del Rio said in a press conference.

“He was up here in the office this morning showing me how he could squeeze the ball and all that, so it was good news,” Del Rio said. “I think we’re all relieved.”

“Yeah, using his throwing hand to become a straight-arm tool,” Del Rio said, “I would probably not ask him to repeat that.”

Charles Woodson

When Jack Del Rio spoke at 3:00PM PDT he had not yet heard about the results on Charles Woodson’s injury

ESPN’s Josina Anderson later confirmed the injury, Dislocated Shoulder.Screenshot_2015-09-15-07-18-56-1

NFL’s Ian Rapoport later added to Josina’s report.


Nate Allen

The intial reports were that Raiders feared Allen’s injury was a torn ACL. after MRi it was not to be the case.

Jack Del Rio said in his presser that he thought Nate Allen could return this season.

NFL’s Ian Rapport confirmed MRI report.


Justin Ellis 

We got no clarification except that it was an Ankle injury.








NFL NETWORK Insider Ian Rapoport Visits Oakland Raiders Training Camp

All photos by Shawn Jonas

Napa Valley, California – NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport visited the Oakland Raiders Napa Valley Training Complex on Sunday.  He made his assesment on Head Coach Jack Del Rio, quarterback Derek Carr and the rest of the Silver and Black.

Prior to the start of practice, Rapoport took some time to talk with Raiders.com and spoke about the 2015 outlook for the Raiders, the additions that General Manager Reggie McKenzie made during the offseason and more.



“This team, to me, seems like a pretty good fit because he can come in and he can teach, and he can re-energize this place a little bit, but he also has a bunch of young guys who can really play, and try to figure out what this team is going to look like. We already know they have a quarterback. We already know they have in Derek Carr. We already know they have his counterpart on defense in Khalil Mack, so you have a coach who’s strong and has won in a very difficult place to win, and you have two building blocks, one offense, one defense, so at the least you have the foundation of what you think this place is going to look like.”



“A lot of it is going to happen for him because he’s just going to be a little older. Everything’s going to relax a little bit and so I think, to me, what happens for a young quarterback is either you become flustered quickly and you throw it away or you become flustered quickly and you check down. Derek tended to check down, and now he has weapons. He doesn’t need to check down as much. He can let it rip, and I think being comfortable in the pocket and being comfortable enough to let it rip will be something you’ll probably see more from Derek this year than last year.”




“He is a pro. He is a legit pro and he’s been a pro even when he wasn’t a pro. He is gym rat who just only wants to play football. On the field, he’s just polished. You’re not going to have to say, ‘okay, you’re only playing this position,’ or, ‘we’re only putting you on this side of the field.’ He is smart enough and savvy enough to do a lot of things, and that’s great. If he’s the kind of player that the Raiders think and a lot of other people around the NFL think, then you’re going to have to find ways to get him out of double coverage, and moving him around will help.”



“I think that he has a lot to prove, and it’s really two-fold. Can he still run like he needs to run? We know he’s had a lot of lower-leg injuries and that was an issue for some teams in free agency. It doesn’t mean he can’t run. It just means some teams weren’t sure, so all he has to do is go out and prove it. On the field, the best thing that he does is he is amazing at catching the football. I know that sounds weird, but for receivers, it’s a skill that doesn’t get as much attention. When you throw the ball near him, he will catch it, and for everyone, including a young quarterback, that’s pretty important.”




“The best thing that he does is be disruptive and go after the quarterback. The best thing that you want is for Khalil Mack to go get the quarterback. What you’re going to see this year from this staff is he’s going to be put in position to get after it. I don’t know how good he’s going to be, but he can be as good as it gets.”



“Talent has never been a question. When he’s been healthy and played, and really believed in himself, I think you’ve seen that this guy can really play. You almost have to forget that he’s a first-round pick, and he has to earn his job all over again which is great. I’ll be curious to see if he does it. If he plays like he’s capable, then he’s going to be the player they drafted him to be, but he has to get it too. Just watching his development will I think will be pretty interesting.”